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★Bowling tournament finals★

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It was decided to hold a bowling tournament final. Gather 130 people, from various places. What happens to latecomers?
what happens to late comer`s performance calculations?
I worry about how we hold a ceremony of results announcement and provide something of prizes・・・.


Let us handle everything!
Let the bowling tournament exciting, with all 34 charted lanes.
Are you worrying about the place? We are going to provide a special bus service for our customers to easily reach easily our bowling center.
If anyone got delayed by any chance, you can use the skip function and join the tournament from middle. Will provide time of the award ceremony after bowling tournament? You can order goods from a catalogue, and trophies also available for prize winners.

Content of the day

Bowling tournament finals
18:30 〜 21:30
Guests130 people
Package PlanParty Package

Time Schedule
We will start gathering little bit early
We offer a cloakroom. Please feel free to use.

The party in the restaurant(About 90 minutes by Standing)

Then, move to the bowling venue
5minutes practice before tournament/ Group Photography
Ceremony will be held near lane 19th
Opening ceremony
Start Bowling (2 Games 90 minutes )
Awards ceremony
I will provide a microphone stand and podium in the awards ceremony.



We arranged a gorgeous ceremony with dim lights, spot lights and much more. Cartoon costume characters will rouse the opening ceremony. It will be a big climax. Photographs of 130 people will be a good memory.

The dinner buffet of more than 10 dishes in the restaurant. we provide with food of quantity,as well as quality, and are looking forward to you visiting our restaurant.

Impressions of customers


We had to setup meetings several times to decide schedule of the program. The coordinator gave me many suggestion, and we were really happy about the final decision to arrange a different type of bowling tournament like this.
We satisfied about the volume of the food, appearance of the food and flavor. Their foods quality is more like a luxury hotel`s food. it was very easy since exclusive coordinators support until the program finished.
Everyone enjoyed the tournament since staff teaches everything in a friendly manner. We definitely want to use this next time too.





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