Bowling alley


Spacious 34lanes plus flat approach

34 lanes including 10 bumper lanes for children and spacious approach, all of these are just on the 7th floor. Since there is no ball return on the approach, the ease of throwing the ball is distinguished. The locker room and the pro shop “Nakarai” is on the same floor, and it is full of bright smiling faces.


Large screen monitor for displaying score & computer bowling system

A monitor displays the name of the players and score on legible 40 inch LCD display .Specially designed CG animation can reproduce the capturing methods of getting spare and pin action as real and also it is available for special birthday arrangements. You can enjoy live telecasts such as WBC and the World Cup without overlooking since TV monitor is installed between lanes.


House Ball

The house ball with a pleasant basketball pattern is available from 6 to 15 pounds of weight and finger hole size is available from S to LL (S M L LL) . “kids-only ball” “ladies-only ball” and “pro specification rental ball” also available.

Kids-only ball

We have designed special light weight balls (from 2.2Kg) for children and they can throw the ball with five fingers. Specially designed balls available in two colors which are strawberry milk and melon sherbet.

Ladies-only ball

Bowling is disagreeable when nail breaks, but we have designed a special ball for ladies which able to protect their nail and finger. So ladies can enjoy bowling without any difficult in our bowling alley.

Try My balls

Try My ball of pro specification (free). It is really easy to take strike with pro specification balls, since its pin action is different. How about trying the difference by yourself?


House shoes

House shoes cost 300 yen. Sizes are available from 16cm to 32cm. kids shoes(14cm – 17cm) and ladies shoes also available.


A foul line is adopted all the time.

Any sports have a rule. In our center, we have adopted all day "foul line" for safety. If you exceed the foul line, it will automatically displays a foul mark on the monitor and not scoring.In addition, special oil is used for the lane and steps in shoes, approach (place which makes a run-up) has oil and becomes the cause that it is hard to be slippery.


Midnight operations

Friday, Saturday and day before holiday we operate till 5am.Snacks and Drink bar also available.


AED establishment

The Center is equipped with (Automated External Defibrillator) AED. It is a medical device cardiopulmonary resuscitation to save precious lives. And you can use and operate it easily according to a sound guide.





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